A ground-breaking ceremony has taken place to mark the start of construction of a multi-billion dollar industrial gas complex that will serve the Jazan refinery and terminal. The contract was awarded to ACWA Holding and Air Products in 2015 and the two companies formed Jazan Gas Projects Company (JGPC) to build, own and operate the world’s biggest industrial gas plant.

At the site of the air separation unit (ASU) facility which is a vital component of the oil refining operations in Jazan, representatives from ACWA Holding, Air Products, JGPC board members and employees gathered to commemorate the special occasion.

In the opening speech, Mohammad Abunayyan, Chairman of the JGPC Board and Chairman of ACWA Holding Board, the majority shareholder said: “Since the contract was awarded, we are very proud to have demonstrated outstanding infrastructure financing which has enabled us to be well advanced with the build schedule. We have also recruited a highly skilled team to manage operations and underpin our values for exceptional quality and customer service.

“Construction on-site started a month earlier than planned, initial drawings have been issued and we have a clear plan of mobilisation to Jazan from this date.”

The gas complex will require 600 MW to operate and will consist of six air separation trains. Implementing unique technology developed by Air Products, the plant will produce oxygen and nitrogen which will supply the gasifier to generate the gas necessary to run the power generators and to provide feedstock to the refinery and the adjacent Jazan Economic City.

This will allow the integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant to economically and efficiently generate enough electricity to cover the refinery’s needs, enable the development of small industries, and provide power for communities in the area.

On completion, the complex will supply a total of 75,000 metric tons per day of industrial gas, 20,000 oxygen and 55,000 nitrogen, for 20 years to the refinery.

The ground-breaking ceremony also included the unveiling of an inscribed foundation stone.

“We have a strong commitment to excellence across all areas of the project in particular health and safety, social responsibility and environmental stewardship and sustainable practices, said Mr. Abunayyan.

“Together, we will continue to drive strong performance across the company and look forward to the commissioning of the most advanced industrial gas facility in 2018 in tandem with the refinery.”

Breaking ground ceremony

Unveiling the inscribed foundation stone.

The gas complex will create an estimated 100 direct local jobs when in operation and be a cornerstone development in the expansion of Jazan Economic City, a strategic area of growth for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.