JGPC is celebrating the safe arrival of the first cold box units for ASU Train 1 from Air products in Shanghai. The Annagret Vessel docked at Jazan Jetty on 14th November 2016 and six units were offloaded along with other material containers, a huge undertaking from the on-site personnel including the Jetty Port team, Coast Guard, Sarens, Air Products and JGPC on-site team.


It took four days to offload the shipment, which included the Train 1 HP/LP Distillation Column Cold Box, the Argon Cold Box and the LP Heat Exchanger. They were manufactured by Air Products in Shanghai and completed one month ahead of schedule!


Transporting the equipment from the Jetty to the ASU site was the next major logistics challenge.

Starting with the heaviest part, weighing in at just under 410 tonnes, the HP/LP Distillation Column Cold Box (bottom section), began its on road journey to site. This was followed by the argon box and then HP/ LP column cold box (upper portion). Roads were cleared of debris and compaction tests were finalised before the equipment could safely be moved. It was truly a test of Sarens and Air Products transport and logistics expertise which was executed with great authority and care.


To welcome the arrival of the shipment JGPC’s Chairman, Mohammad Abunayyan, visited the site and congratulated the Sarens, AP and JGPC onsite team who were instrumental in the safe unloading and transportation of the equipment from ship to site.